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At first sight, renting out a property may appear to be an uncomplicated, straightforward process, but practice shows that it’s just the opposite. Papers that aren’t in order, unreliable tenants, technical problems during the leasing period… Many of these aspects can cause headaches for renters, and yet it is possible to avoid them beforehand. Citinest offers an excellent network of contacts, focussing on rentals for professionals and high quality leasing, often to foreigners working for major multinationals. Our focus at Citinest is not only on finding the perfect partnership, between tenant and owner, but in creating a relationship and ensuring that the property is continually visible and well maintained, which explains why our clients have trusted Citinest with the management of their properties.


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Investing in properties is one way of capitalising and steadily generating wealth, while also being a tangible investment with a value that is less volatile to the ups and downs of the economy. Property is a product that will always be in demand; we all need somewhere to live, right? It is a market in sustained growth, with advantages that offer confidence and, therefore, peace of mind. The gross yield for flat rentals in Barcelona continues to be extremely attractive, offering high yields, from 4.5 to 10% of investment. Nevertheless, to ensure the success of your investment you need to know where to invest. And that’s where Citinest comes in: offering our experience and our network of contacts to ensure the success of your investment.


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At Citinest we adapt ourselves to our clients, offering a comprehensive service for any type of renovation project. We advise you during all phases of the project to be able to understand your needs and optimize the final result. Apart from the advice, we have a group of excellent professionals that allows us to carry out the projects efficiently, on time and, of course, with the highest quality.


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Are you looking to buy or rent a property but don’t have the necessary time, or would you like us to represent you and defend your interests?

Our Personal Real Estate Shopper will place an exclusive and personalised service at your disposal, allowing us to identify your needs and the characteristics of the property you’re looking for, allowing us to carry out a personalised home search and present preselected properties that are, as near as possible, in line with your previously indicated specifications, the goal is to make the whole process as efficient and rewarding as possible.